Welcome message from TOSSM - APKASS 2020 President

Dear Colleagues:  

As the president of the Thai Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine, I would like to state that it is of the utmost honor and excitement that the APKASS 2020 Biannual Congress will become the TOSSM & APKASS 2020 Combined Meeting and will be held in Pattaya, Thailand. I would like to thank the president of APKASS 2019, Prof. Jian Li of China for his excellent service to our community.

As APKASS has evolved from APOSSM for nearly one decade, it has made great strides in becoming an outstanding society for arthroscopy, knee surgery and orthopedic sports medicine in the Asia Pacific region. As well as the Thai Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine (TOSSM) we have emerged since 2012 and became a strong society in the Southeast Asia region. Hopefully this year in Thailand with our cooperation, we will be able to welcome a growing amount of members to our TOSSM and APKASS communities.

The Combined Meeting of TOSSM & APKASS 2020 will be held from 9th to 11th July 2020 at Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Hall (PEACH) Pattaya City, and will be a unique opportunity to gather together with likeminded friends to experience a tremendous scientific and cultural exchange as well as friendship opportunities to create strong academic and social ties within our community.

The city of Pattaya has dominated as a popular tourist destination, also ranked in the global top 20 destination cities. Besides being Thailand’s famous beach resort town, Pattaya is host to a beguiling range of attractions including anything from ancient Thai traditions to modern adventures. We hope you will join us in this wonderful city.  

I would like to warmly welcome our entire growing community to our congress in 2020 for what should be a wondrous event.


Prachan Banchasuek, M.D.

TOSSM President 2019-2020

Welcome message from TOSSM - APKASS 2020 Congress Chairman

Dear Colleagues & Friends,

Sawasdee krub, My warmest greetings!

On behalf of the organising committee of the TOSSM – APKASS 2020, I am delighted to invite you to participate in the congress in Pattaya, Thailand from 9 – 11 July 2020. The APKASS congress will be a 2-and-a-half-day scientific program covering all kinds of reconstruction of the joint in the body. Since the knowledge is expanding, we invite all leading surgeons in Asia pacific region plus invited guests from other continents around the world to join and share their expertise to lighten up the meeting. It will feature with plenary lectures, symposiums, workshops, lives surgery and paper presentation as well as commercial exhibitions and various social events.

Pattaya city is one of the tourist targets in Thailand. Everyone can enjoy beach activity, Thai culture and Thai food here. The conventional hall has been used for many international events. This will give you a good opportunity to experience Thai culture with relaxing and informative stay.


We are looking forward to seeing you in Pattaya.

Chanakarn Phornphutkul M.D.

TOSSM – APKASS 2020 Congress Chairman


Osteotomy around the knee : What is  know , What is new ?

Philippe Lobenhofer

Multiple ligament injuries of the knee : Evidence-based treatment in 2020

Phillipe Neyret

ACL reconstruction :
Past, Present, and future.

Hiro Kurosaka

The anterolateral ligament of the knee : Lessons learned and the way to go.


Betrand Sonnery-Cottet

Habitual patellar dislocation : A la carte surgical treatment


Feng Hua

Potential of magnesium and its alloys for orthopedic implants : Here today and gone when you wish


Savio Woo

Future of orthopaedics
Where the convergence of robotics and big data may be taking us.


Brett Fritsch

Conservative treatment of first-time dislocation


Eiji Itoi

Reverse shoulder arthroplasty : What I have learned over past 15 years


Benjamin Ma

Why and How I perform a BIO-RSA prosthesis for cuff tear arthropathy


Pascal Boileau

Anterior shoulder stabilization after Latarjet


Young Girl Rhee

Foot & Ankle
Achilles tendon pathology : the rational for treatment


Niek Van Dijk


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