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Political Voice Coaching & Campaign Recording

Donated to Democratic Campaigns and Values that Matter.

We are donating Public Speaking Coaching & Speech Skills to Democratic Candidate Politicians for

  • Campaign speeches
  • Debates
  • Interviews & Podcasts
  • Town hall meetings
  • Press conferences
  • Floor speeches
  • Taped voice over recordings
  • Reading from scripts & outlines
  • Accent reduction

This is 100% in-kind support.  Voice coaching can be done online (via Zoom) and in-person (at our studios in New York City, Los Angeles, and Washington DC).  AND last-minute prep sessions and quick phone rehearsals as you need 24/7.*


And we are donating Voice Over Recordings to Democratic Campaigns for

  • TV and radio political ads 
  • Live event announcement recordings
  • Commercial approvals (E.g.: “I’m Joyce Kanton and I approve this message.”)
  • Social media ads
  • Fundraising videos

This is 100% in-kind support. Voice over recordings can be in-person (at our studios in NYC, LA, and DC) and online (through your computer) via our remote-connection ipDTL link and Source-Connect software.

To provide campaigns with broadcast-ready campaign recordings: We will cast, audition, voice-direct, record, edit, and mix with music.  For celebrity spokespeople, we assist in securing celebrities who will donate their voice.  For professional voice actors, we cast and supply demos and auditions of narrators who will donate their voice.  For candidates who want to record their own voice over, we prep and voice-direct you to sound more like an experienced narrator.*


Spanish & English – available for everything above


*While we remain dedicated to creating a meaningful impact to your campaign, the extent of our donation may be limited by time commitment, availability, usage terms, and limits of in-kind support.




Q: How to win an election?
A: Champion spoken word communication.

Your voice is the most direct connection you have with voters.

But do you know how to best adapt it when recording into a microphone for a podcast, versus when standing on a soapbox giving a campaign speech without a microphone, versus when addressing an advocacy group face-to-face?

You’ve absolutely got to nail it; training your voice is likely the most impactful step you can take.

Should you project to a crowd to show strength? Or will they feel they’re being yelled at?  Will speaking fast engage your audience? Or will it make them feel you’re rushing them through? Do you know how to convey confidence when receiving feedback and critique, without sounding weak? Should you speak dynamically to maintain listener engagement? Or will listeners find your variety too bouncy and contrived? Should you hide any natural dialect? Or will that leave you sounding less trustworthy?

To win voters, you’ve got to find the intersection of your voice, your audience, your demographic, your message, your intentions, the medium, and the topic. Your voice absolutely must change for:

  • Campaign speeches
  • Debates
  • Interviews
  • Podcasts
  • Town hall meetings
  • Press conferences & New interviews
  • Floor speeches
  • Taped voice over recordings
  • Reading from scripts & outlines
  • Advocacy Groups and Interest-Specific Speeches
  • Public address
  • Crisis Communication
  • International addresses

What do I know?

For 35 years, I’ve studied how audiences react to different speech patterns.

Most vocal coaches say, “To win voters, you must engage your audience.”  I don’t do that. Instead I explain how to do that. Your campaign team may tell you, “You’ve got to connect with voters.” I explain how to do this.

Most everything I teach are precise, quick-to-learn vocal techniques that make an impactful difference when connecting with voters.



We regularly voice-direct CEOs, politicians, celebrities,
voice actors, authors, & organizations.

Proud to have over 13,000 clients!

We provided voice over for President Obama's campaign.

I’m not saying President Obama won because we donated voice over to his campaign. I’m just glad we did our part.

Hi, I’m David Goldberg, Chief Edge Officer of Edge Studio. I began this business 35 years ago in my dorm room.

Since then I’ve studied human speech patterns. And this specialty has led my business to be an international team of specialized voice coaches who prep voice actors, CEOs, politicians, athletes, and celebrities to speak and record for audiobooks, commercials, interviews, campaign speeches, media, podcasts, presentations, & investor videos.

My team and I are all deeply committed to upholding human rights, environmental safety, fairness, justice, and equality.

Our passion drives us to support more than 20 agencies, organizations, and presenters through in-kind donations of voice coaching and recording services.

We're an international team of specialized voice coaches.


We voice-coach & record

  • The CDC
  • U.S. Census Bureau
  • McKinsey Consulting
  • The International Monetary Fund
  • USA Network
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Volvo
  • Kia
  • Department of Justice
  • Pandora
  • United Healthcare
  • Howard Hughes Medical
  • Crossfit
  • The Hartford
  • Hilton
  • Marriott
  • National Geographic
  • Disney / Pixar
  • Marvel
  • Oracle
  • Smithsonian
  • SPCA
  • Aetna

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