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Home Studio Show & Tell
A live, interactive reality show for voice actors.

Talk with pros, while they show you inside their studio!


→ Join us live the first Tuesday of each month, at 9pmET / 6pmPT. For FEBRUARY ONLY, we will begin at 6pm ET / 3pm PT.  And you’ll see Edge Studio’s 5 studios in NYC!  Click this Free Zoom Link at Event Time

→ Or watch past episodes below!

It’s super cool to see other setups!

What is this? In each exciting hour-long episode, 2 voice actors give a live, interactive Zoom walk-through tour of their studio.  Everyone talks, asks questions, and shares ideas!

Why? You’ll learn tons and get super helpful ideas for your own studio!  It’s the perfect way to see all the gear, solutions, and hacks you can use in your own recording set-up!

When? The first Tuesday of each month, at 9pmET/6pmPT. FOR FEBRUARY ONLY, WE BEGIN AT 6pm ET / 3pm PT. [button url=”″ color=””

Here’s how it goes…

This is an amazing opportunity to get great ideas for your own studio! It’s a gathering of voice actors who learn from each other.  Some have home studios. Some are in the process of putting one together.

It’s simple-

  1. Moments before the event begins, click into the Zoom meet (button above).
  2. Two previously selected volunteers will give a tour of their studio, simply using the camera on their phone or laptop.
  3. And everyone shares ideas and suggestions. Or just observe – that’s also totally fine!

It’s informal, easy, fun, and most importantly helpful.  Join us!

Want to give a tour of your studio?

Terrific! Send photos of your studio to: [email protected]

Here’s what people say:

“I definitely find them very intriguing, even more so than I originally anticipated.”

“It’s fascinating seeing the wide range of setups that people put together and make work for them, and how you can’t really judge a studio’s quality by it’s look.”

“I really like the human element of not only seeing the actors in their home studio environments, but the way that you and Siobhan keep it very relaxed, informal and engaging by getting them talking about their work focus, experience, and career/life stories.”

“It’s SO cool seeing inside voice actor’s studios – I got great ideas! Thank you!!”

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Watch past episodes now, right here!

Watch Episode 17
January 9th, 2024


1) Joel Haberli – beginning at 12:00

Joel’s been in the business a long time, using gear he’s trusted for decades, and demonstrates – in more ways than one – the truth behind the words: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

2) Roberto Jolliffe – beginning at 43:50

Roberto then shows the benefit – and significance – of having a smaller rig for on-the-go, and being direct with clients when there may be a change in quality!

Watch Episode 16
December 5, 2023


1) Don Elivert – beginning at 12:00

Ingenious!!!!  See how Don found ways to make his studio space work very well!  Using zip ties, cardboard boxes, and cushions to prevent stomach gurgles, his studio achieves optimal quality!

2) Johnny George – 39:40

Then Johnny shows you how to create a studio space that is moveable, comfortable, and sounds terrific!  Very well done!!

Watch Episode 15
November 7, 2023


1) 4 kids who voiced 1,200+ projects! – beginning at 10:00

So cool!  Watch Chris Damsgard (father and engineer) show you the studio that his 4 kids have recorded over 1,200 voice over projects in!!!  Their studio is a mattress fort!!!

2) Bonnie Burton – 30:40

And then see Bonnie Burton show her super high quality studio, decked out in a small space. She’s thought through it all; even her chair and ventilation!

Watch Episode 14
October 4, 2023

Natasha Marchewka – beginning at 7:20
John McCalmont – beginning at 29:18

Watch Episode 13
September 5, 2023

Rosi and Brian Amador
Studio A – beginning at 13:50
Studio B – beginning at 35:37

Watch Episode 12
August 1, 2023

Todd Stark – beginning at 3:30
Nicole Franco (photo shown) – beginning at 32:23

Watch Episode 11
July 11, 2023

Cathy DeMichele (photo shown) – beginning at 6:45
Mike Coon – beginning at 42:45

Watch Episode 10
June 6, 2023

Jason Bermingham (photo shown) – beginning at 5:15
James Romick – beginning at 30:20

Watch Episode 9
May 17, 2023

Duncan Shiels – beginning at 5:00
Harlan Hogan (photo shown) – beginning at 30:00

Watch Episode 8
March 13, 2023

Erica Brookhyser – beginning at 7:20
Dan Lenard (photo shown) – beginning at 29:30

Watch Episode 7
August 24, 2022

Jeff Garris – beginning at 4:30
Adam Clark (photo shown) – beginning at 24:00

Watch Episode 6
July 21, 2022

Marcelo Flores – beginning at 5:45
Shmuel Goldstein (photo shown) – beginning at 25:07

Watch Episode 5
June 29, 2022

Kimberly Ingram – beginning at 7:30
Terry Briscoe (photo shown) – beginning at 24:30

Watch Episode 4
May 27, 2022

Melanie Katz (photo shown) – beginning at 7:00
Tony Beltran – beginning at 27:10

Watch Episode 3
April 20, 2022

Dale Strickland – beginning at 7:40
Micah Ball (photo shown) – beginning at 23:00

Watch Episode 2
March 10, 2022

Michael Fleming (photo shown) – beginning at 8:00
Renée Clancy – beginning at 23:15

Watch Episode 1
February 2, 2022

Amber Battaglia – beginning at 8:10
Brian Wiggins (photo shown) – beginning at 20:49
Dena Dahilig – beginning at 34:17

What people are saying about
Home Studio Show & Tell


-“This is so fantastic – thank you for putting this together and for everyone who shared their space. It’s great to see the range of what is working for people.”

-“Very informative on a number of levels. I’m not voice acting yet, but I like to be informed before I ad lib!!!” Will L.

-“It was great showing my fellow emerging voice artists what’s possible when you’re building your first DIY home studio.” Dale S.

-“I just want you to know how much I appreciate the Home Studio shows.  It is so inspiring to see how individual VO people solve their specific issues, and make the most of the space they have.  This last session gave me some ideas for sound treatment that my wife might actually be able to tolerate!” Tim G.

-“I continue to be amazed at the creativity and  resourcefulness of these VO artists.  That amazement has turned into motivation…. I see how people don’t wait for their space to be ‘perfect’, or ‘look’ like a professional recording space.  So, I now just step into my 3×5 coat closet near the front door, imbed the mic stand in the middle of all the coats, close the door, and turn on a flashlight so I can read the script.  I can’t move at all with the coats there as the material makes way too much noise.  I leave the computer outside on a small table.  But, know what?  It Works…!! Tim G.