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Voice Over for International Language Applications

Native language voice actors – with appropriate accent and dialect – is critical in the voice over world.

It leads to quality and successful film (think dubbing and ADR), corporate videos, elearning language  education, commercials, and all forms of communication.

Which is why Edge Studio has such experience, casting and recording voice over in 40+ languages – including localization and adaptation.

We work remotely, and in New York City, Los Angeles, and Washington DC.

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Why we have a roster of international voice actors

We regularly record in numerous languages. And we handle translation as well.  It’s common for clients to send us a script in one language and say, “We trust you – do what you need to do to send us this in these 15 languages.”  That’s when we work with translators and voice actors around the world, who we have vetted.

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How recordings are handled at Edge Studio

Some clients want us to do it all.  Some want to work alongside us.  And everything in between.

Feel welcome to work at our locations in New York City, Los Angeles, and Washington DC.

Or join us remotely via ipDTL and Source Connect.

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Edge Studio language services

From ADR, to translation, to corporate videos and walking tours, we’re here, glad to help.

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Why is it worth contacting us?

If you want this done right, let us know.  That’s the only way we do things.

Also we have a super friendly, caring team who stay on track, keep you updated, and are always happy to help as we can.

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