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Work with David Goldberg

An industry trusted & recognized Voice Director,
and always happy to help voice actors.

About David

David has helped thousands of voice actors launch their careers & land the biggest clients.  He’s one of the busiest and most recognized voice-directors in the industry, known for regularly providing straightforward guidance to voice actors, public speakers, authors, and narrators.

He’s considered one of the most all-around authorities in voice over.

And he is “Chief Edge Officer” of Edge Studio, an international casting and production facility, and voice acting school.

$50 Reviews with David

“Hi, this is David – I began offering these quick reviews last year since it’s normal to have questions or want an honest assessment for your VO business. And I always give a LOT of ideas and fixes as well.  Plus as you’ll find out, I absolutely love leading people to greater success.”

Need a quick check-in on a specific topic? Sign up for:

Demo – review

Website – review

Marketing plan – review

Home studio (audio quality) checkup

Audition rehearsals

David will provide straightforward guidance and suggestions, and offer his expertise and answer your questions.

Please note, while you can purchase as many of these as you would like at one time, there is a limit of 1 review per student per month.

Schedule a $50 Review with David Goldberg

Private Sessions with David (coaching, consults, overhauls)

When you want dedicated time with David, sign up for one of these.  Choose via Zoom or in-person in NYC.

David is one of the most sought after VO experts in the world. “Been there, done that, seen it a thousand times. And I’m glad to relate it to you” is sort of how he works.

  • Audition training 
  • Consulting
  • Commercial & narration performance
  • Overhaul revamps

Regarding auditions? This is, perhaps, his extra special place: Hundreds of full time actors call him up when they get “the big audition” because his input increases their booking ratio.

Numerous voice actors request Consultations to discuss their business, marketing, clients, rates, and home studio.

Voice actors – new and pro – rely on his ability to help them realize their full potential, benefiting from his perception, directing ability, and production savvy.

While working one-to-one with David, you will hone your voice over skills and learn why David is considered to have the best ears in the industry.  Top voice over professionals the world over come to David to keep themselves sharp and ensure they are operating at the top of their game.

Consults and Private Sessions with David

The "Overhaul" with David

A complete Overhaul – maybe better called a Rebalance & Revamp.  This is an intense look at e v e r y t h i n g you have; demos, website, marketing plan, goals,… And a time to straightforwardly make sense of it all, assess what will work for clients, what won’t, and how to revamp it so you move forward in a smarter way.  This session can be in-person at Edge’s NYC studio or online via Zoom.  You and David will:

  • Have dedicated private time
  • Assess & discuss your goals
  • Review your website and marketing in detail
  • Break down your demos with feedback
  • Review any online casting site profiles
  • Provide reviews/feedback on Auditions
  • Overhaul your game plan, with a realistic timeline
Have an Overhaul with David

Voice Over Demo Recording with David

Put David Goldberg’s golden ears to work for you!  Purchase a demo coached, directed, and produced by David Goldberg, and learn why David is considered to have the best ears in the industry.

Record demos with David

Voice Over Training & Demo Recording Combo
with David

Are you wanting to enroll in the full Edge Studio training program, but you really want to up your game right from the outset?  Visit this page to learn about signing up for the program using David exclusively as your coach.

Train and record demos with David

Private Mentoring, with David

If you want a consistent and dedicated force pushing you forward, keeping you sharp, holding you accountable, then a private mentorship with David Goldberg is the optimal way to be steered toward success.


“Hi, this is David. In this program, I seriously dedicate my time to your 1) business and rates, 2) your marketing, and 3) I help you a lot with your auditions – even live-directing you on them.


This program can pay for itself with your first successful repeat client.

In this 6-month program, you get…

→6 Private 15-Minute Live-Directed Audition Sessions, with David
1 each month for 6 months.  Each month, select one of your auditions (from an agent, an online casting site, an existing client,…) and David will direct you while you record (at your home studio in at our NYC studio). These 6 live-directed private sessions with David are scheduled through our office.

→6 Private 1-Hour Consultations, with David
1 each month for 6 months.  Each month, meet privately with David to discuss your business; use this time to discuss marketing, strategy, your home studio, to review your website and demos, or even review auditions. These 6 private consults are scheduled through our office.

→Plus participate in our ‘Unlimited Workouts & Guidance Program‘ for 6-months
This includes 48 group sessions that take place during your 6-month Mentoring Program with David.  This program is included because David is one of instructors who teaches this program.

Register here!

Click for Private Mentoring with David Goldberg

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Super helpful, and free!
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